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1, based on the eighth generation Gigabit Ethernet port control system development, all function compatible cable transmission, using a full digital, full optical fiber transmission modeIn 2, high transmission rate, transmission speed of dual port 2Gb per second per second, single-port 1GbIn 3, long transmission distance, transmission range of up to 500 meters ( 500 meters standard single-mode, multimode ) 20 kilometers, 20 kilometers above to be ordered4, excellent safety signal transmission, not like the traditional wire due to a short-circuit or bad contact resulting from spark or phenomena such as electrostatic5, strong anti-jamming ability, light signal transduction, not by the external electromagnetic interference, strong confidentialityIn 6, lightning, lightning protection of optical signal transmission completely7, good compatibility, support single-mode and multimode module, strong expansibility, have been applied to construction of optical fiber network8, simple installation, SFP square interface standard, plug-and-play9, convenient maintenance, long service life of optical fiber, not like copper wire oxidation, corrosion10, great scope of application, such as: stage performances, airport, train station, shopping malls, sports center, expressway and other large occasionsLed big screen full optical fiber transmission control system is based on the forefront of the terrestrial optical fiber transmission standard LED newly developed large screen control system. The system provides a LED large screen is more stable, more efficient, more beautiful picture display program. While strengthening the theatrical screen, expressway indication screen applications.The simultaneous launch of optical fiber transmission card ( TS803 ), the fiber receiving card ( RV803, RV804 ) applied to the container, a curtain type screen body. No need to change the design of the screen body, without any changes, as long as the application of the optical fiber transmission control system, once again produced revolution. Better quality, higher speed, better quality, so you can easily have.

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