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TN series asynchronous single color partition system ( with U disk interface )

TN series asynchronous single color partition system ( with U disk interface )

Product overview : the products listed since 2011, the first domestic display technology, leading the industry trend, the best-selling products so far, mature technology, stable performance, powerful! Has become a vast number of manufacturers display asynchronous screen single color display of the preferred products!Control rangeNo graySingle color pattern of 2048 rows of 256: monochrome, two-color 2048 columns and 128 rowsSpecial monochrome mode ( need special jumper ): monochrome 1024 columns and 512 rowsScan mode1 / 16 sweep indoor display, static, 1 / 2, 1 / 4 ( half of outdoor P10 ), 1 / 8, 1 / 16 and other drive modeCommunication modeRS232 / 422 / 485 / network / U disk copy, extended support TF card storage, support external temperature, humidity sensorStorage space2MbInterfaceThe standard 50P interfaceCharacteristicIn the left shift speed, the first to solve the problem of slow screen mobileOn the carrying capacity is strong, you can modify the shift clock, frequency and other parameters with more longer, the screen bodyOf software function, in addition to conventional analog clock, and the lunar calendar, the sign of the zodiac, there is a countdown, police on duty.Of arbitrary partition, 64 regional act at the same time, speed is not decreased, the true meaning of partition* optional TF card, allow you to the most low price to enjoy large capacityCan board network, with TCP / IP UDP network optional modeOf plate and strip test key, do screen, well test, simple and practicalOf limited function, may limit the use of customer switching time ( arrival times after the black screen, requiring reconfiguration, this feature is helpful for project payment function )In serial with RTUS tube protection, do not burn the serial, short circuit, power supply with reverse connection protection

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